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Simon Haines

Summers Then


Summer days were longer then

we played outside all day, 

not tempted by alluring screens 

or interfering strangers.

The buddleia next door 

brought brightly coloured butterflies:

red admirals, tortoiseshells, and more

with names we didn’t know.

Without fear of predators,

innocent and confident,

though on display and vulnerable,

playing in the sun.

Wine of the Month– Pinot Noir 


At twenty pounds a bottle you can't go wrong:
it's predictable, but can pack surprises.
Hints of hibiscus with raspberry lurking, 
it's elegant and silkily smooth.

If you're tempted by this charming wine
but can't quite afford twenty quid,
there's a food bank special at Trashco this week: 
only five pounds forty-nine.

Simon Haines © 2023

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