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Recusant Review - Books, Journals

Vinita Agrawal - Dances with The Cranes - G.D. Bakshi (Sharada, 2004)
Brian Beamish - Waters of the Night - Howard Mingham (Caparison, 2010)

Norman Buller - Wondering About Many Women - Derwent May (Greenwich Exchange, 2011)
Leon Brown - The Selfish Capitalist: Origins of Affluenza - Oliver James
Felix Cassiel - Liberties - Victoria Bean (Smokestack Books, 2017)
Terrace - Richard Skinner (Smokestack Books, 2015)
New and Selected Sorrows - Goran Simić (Smokestack Books, 2015)
If The Symptoms Persist - Francis Combes (Smokestack, 2018)                                     
NEW: This Noise Is Free - Andy Green / Isabella - Caroline Maldonado (Smokestack Books, 2019)
NEW: The Tattooist's Chair - Karl Riordan / Eating Thistles - Deborah Moffatt (Smokestack Books, 2017/19)
NEW: Clydebuilt - Owen Gallagher (Smokestack Books, 2019)
NEW: Sleeper - Jo Colley (Smokestack, 2020)
NEW: Subsidence - RM Francis (Smokestack, 2020)
NEW: How Death Came Into The World (Smokestack, 2020)
Alan Corkish - Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 10th Anniversary Anthology
R.G. Foster - The Meaning of the Shovel - Martin Espada (Smokestack, 2014)
Judith Kazantzis' Sister Invention (Smokestack, 2014)
Graham Fulton's One Day in the Life of Jimmy Denisovich and Paul Summers' primitive cartography (Smokestack, 2014)
Jen Hadfield - Dancing With Big Eunice - Alistair Findlay (Luath Press, 2010)
Geoffrey Heptonstall - Write Me into Bed with Casanova Craft - Fiona Sinclair (Original Plus)

John Horder - So I Have Thought of You - The Letters of Penelope Fitzgerald
Lost Voices - Rosemary Tonks (Radio 4)
When Things Fall Apart - Pema Chodron (Element HarperCollins)
Grub Street Irregular - Jeremy Lewis (The Harper Press)
Two Cures for Love - Selected Poems (1979-2006) - Wendy Cope (Faber) 
Towards the End of the Morning - Michael Frayn (Faber, 2009)
Rowan's Reign: biography of Archbishop (Hodder & Stoughton, 2009)

Simon Jenner - Sidney Keyes Collected Poems (Carcanet)
Steve Mann - Stained Glass Sally Richards (Survivors' Press)
James Morrison - Selective Seventies Dominic Sandbrook's The 70s (BBC2, 2012)
Stuart: A Life Backwards by Alexander Masters
Alan Morrison - The Magnificent Twelve: Anthology of Gregory Fellows (Sixties Press)
Mavericks by Gwilym Williams
The London Magazine October/November 2007
A Shadow in Yucatán by Philippa Rees
Genteel Messages by Gwilym Williams (Poetry Monthly Press, 2008)
amazement - Creative Futures (QueenSpark, 2009)
Bedlam by Catharine Arnold (Simon & Schuster, 2008)
Austerity Britain - David Kynaston (Bloomsbury, 2007/08)
Patterned language of the real - Andy Croft's Sticky (Flambard, 2009)
The Night Shift - Poetry of The Night (Five Leaves Publications, 2010)
The Wrong Jarrow - Tom Kelly (Smokestack, 2007/9)
Glaciation - James Fountain (Poetry Monthly Press, 2010)
Pessoa - A Vision - Simon Jenner (Perdika Editions, 2010)
A Scattering - Christopher Reid (Arete, 2009)
A New Waste Land - Michael Horovitz (New Departures, 2007)
For The Inquiry - Nigel Mellor (Dab Hand Press, 2010)
Here Is Some of the New Political Poetry
A Stack of Smokestacks part one: N.S. Thompson; Betteridge et al.
A Stack of Smokestacks part two: Victoria Bean; Andrew Jordan
Saponia's Olympia debut and a CypressBooks Alan Britt
Dreams of the Caucasus - Norman Jope (Shearsman, 2010)
Dancing With Big Eunice - Alistair Findlay (Luath Press, 2010)
1948 - Andy Croft (Five Leaves Publications, 2012)
Scamp - Roland Camberton (Five Leaves/New London Editions, 2010)
Light Shining in Middlesbrough (Part 1) Smokestack/ Mudfog reviews
Light Shining in Middlesbrough (Part 2) Smokestack reviews
Hegemonick by Andrew Jordan (Shearsman, 2012)
Red Hill - Peter Branson (2013)/ Getting On - Alexis Lykiard (2012)  
Illusion & Austerity/ Verses in an Advertising Culture
Barkin'! - Mike Jenkins (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2013) 
Yoke and Arrows - Rob Hindle (Smokestack, 2014)
Jolly Roger - Keith Howden/ Oswald's Book of Hours - Steve Ely (Smokestack, 2012/ 13)  
Romiosini - Yiannis Ritsos/ Crisis - 30 Greek Poets on the Crisis, ed. Dinos Siotis (Smokestack, 2014)
Who are the English? Selected Poems 1935-1981 - Jack Lindsay (Smokestack, 2014)
Cut Flowers–Selected Poems 1964-2015 - Barry Tebb (Sixties Press, 2015)
A Bumper Smokestack Review Part 1 -Saponia, Berger
A Bumper Smokestack Review Part 2 -Colley, Hodgeon

Footprints - Peter Blackman (Smokestack, 2013)
Your Call Keeps Us Awake - Rocco Scotellaro (Smokestack, 2013)
Occupied City - Paul van Ostaijen (Smokestack, 2016)
Slave Songs and Symphonies - David Betteridge (Culture Matters/Manifesto Press, 2016)
Kaleidoscope - Bruce Harris (Artificium, 2017)
Barry Tebb Collected Poems 1964-2016 (Sixties Press, 2016)
Between Stations - Andy Willoughby (Smokestack Books, 2016)
Leásungspell - Bob Beagrie (Smokestack Books, 2016)
Paul Bunyan - Larry Beckett (Smokestack Books, 2015)
Brandon Pithouse - John Seed (Smokestack Books, 2016)
Letters to Randall Swingler - Andy Croft (Shoestring Press, 2017)
Sofa Surfin - Mike Jenkins (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2017)
Citizens - Ian Parks (Smokestack Books, 2017)
Roma - Bernard Saint/ First Fleet - Michael Crowley (Smokestack, 2016)
There Will Be No Miracles Here - Stephen Sawyer (Smokestack, 2018)
Dear Refugee - Amir Darwish/ Slow Burner - Fiona Sinclair (Smokestack)
The Sailors of Ulm - Andy Croft/ Winter Crossings - Alexis Lykiard (both Shoestring, 2020)
The Rites of Paradise - Geoffrey Heptonstall (Cyberwit, 2020)
The Battle of Heptonstall - Michael Crowley (Smokestack, 2021)/ Civil Insolencies - Bob Beagrie (Smokestack, 2019)

NEW: Sappho's Moon - Geoffrey Heptonstall (Cyberwit, India, 2020)

NEW: Dogtooth and Contains Mild Peril - Fran Lock (Out-Spoken Press, 2017/19)

NEW: Federal Gods - Clare Saponia (Palewell Press, 2022)

NEW: Ill Nature - John McKeown (Mica Press, 2022)

NEW: London Nation - Niall McDevitt (New River Press, 2022)

NEW: The Cinephile Poems - Alan Price (High Window Press, 2023)

NEW: Reeling and Writhing - Barry Smith (VOLE Books/ Dempsy & Windle, 2023)
Philippa Rees - On Chesil Beach by Ian McKewan - an alternative view*

NEW: Dominic Rivron on The Last Almanac by Bob Beagrie (Yaffle Press, 2022)
Dave Russell - Tomas Transtroemer – New Collected Poems (Bloodaxe, 2011)
NEW: Amputated Souls - The Psychiatric Assault on Liberty 1935-2011, Anthony James (Imprint Academic, 2013)
NEW: Wendy Young's The Dream of Somewhere Else (Survivors, 2016)
NEW: A Lonely Man Circling the Earth - Stevie James (Leeds Survivors Press, 2017)  
NEW: On James Joyce
NEW:  Gift – God Runs Through All These Rooms by Duane Voorhees (Hog Press,  2020)                                                    
Philip Ruthen - O Resplandor by Erin Moure (House of Anansi Press, 2010)
Out Is The Word (The Word Is Out, SHARP, 2012)
Open Season - Sally-Ann Murray
Help Us Somebody - The Demolition of the Elderly - Bob Dumbleton
Sally Richards - Emperor Dragonfly (Caparison, 2011)
Jaydeep Sarangi - NEW: Nathalie Buckland - Shards & Figments (Australia, 2013) 
Kevin Saving -
NEW: The Waste Land - A Biography of a Poem - Matthew Hollis (Faber & Faber, 2022)

NEW: John Carey, Bernard Cornwell, Nigel Mellor, Henry Marsh
NEW: Farley & Symmons Roberts' Deaths of the Poets (Cape, 2017)
NEW: Daniel Swift's The Bughouse (2017)
NEW: The Poet's Tale – Chaucer and the Year that Made the Canterbury Tales - Paul Strohm, (2014)
NEW: Ted Hughes – The Unauthorised Life, Jonathan Bate (2015)
NEW: Poetry Notebook / Sentenced To Life - Clive James (Picador)
Wilfred Owen - Guy Cuthbertson (Yale University Press, 2014)
Four Smokestacks and a Joker: MacMillan, Leonard, Skinner, Plummer and Iannaco                                  
Three new palaeoscriptologies of poems:
'Journey of the Magi'
by T.S. Eliot
'To Lucasta, Going To The Wars' by Richard Lovelace
'Ozymandias' by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Philip Larkin - Poems, Selected by Martin Amis (Faber, 2011)
Desperanto - Mike Wilson/The Limerickiad - Mark Rowson (Smokestack)
Strange Meetings -The Poets of the Great War (Chatto & Windus, 2010)
Family Values - Wendy Cope (Faber, 2001)
Lives Like Loaded Guns - Lyndall Gordon (Virago, 2011)
The Big Idea by Antony Archdeacon (AuthorHouse, 2008)
Poetry chapbooks from Jan Bradley, Tom Jayston, Mary O'Dwyer, Peter Street 
The Poetry of Sam Silva Volume 3 - Selected Poems 2008-2009
The Anthologist
by Nicholson Baker (Simon & Schuster, 2009)
Identity Parade - ed. Roddy Lumsden (Bloodaxe, 2010)
District and Circle - Seamus Heaney
The Ode Less Travelled - Stephen Fry
Against Oblivion - Ian Hamilton/ The Great Modern Poets - Michael Schmidt
52 Ways of Looking at a Poem - Ruth Padel
Look We Have Coming To Dover! - Dalgit Nagra (Faber)
The Lodger - Shakespeare on Silver Street - C. Nicholl
On Chesil Beach - Ian McKewan*
Remembrance and other poems - Gary Beck
Wendy Cope, Two Cures for Love - Selected Poems 1979 - 2006 (Faber)
Young Stalin - S. Montefiore (Weidenfeld & Nicholson,2007)
Losing Henry and other stories - Ezra Williams (Sixties Press, 2007)
Who Murdered Geoffrey Chaucer? - Terry Jones (Methuen)
Forever and Anon - ed. Gerry Hanson (JR Books, 2007)
Milton - Poet, Pamphleteer and Patriot (Anna Beer; Bloomsbury, 2008)
The Man Who Went into the West - Byron Rogers (Aurumn, 2006)
The Bard - Robert Burns, A Biography, R. Crawford (Cape, 2009)
Poe: A Life cut Short, Peter Ackroyd (Chatto & Windus, 2008)
Sacred Blue - Mia Hart-Allison (Visionar Tongue Press, 2008)
A Victorian Class Conflict? Dr J. T. Smith (Sussex Academic Press, 2009)
Stepping Stones - Interviews with Seamus Heaney (Fabers, 2008)
Words That Burn/ Catching Life by the Throat - J. Hart (Virago 2006/08)
The Cinder Path - Andrew Motion (Fabers, 2009)
Bundle O' Tinder - Rose Kelleher (Waywiser, 2008)
A Walk Around The Lakes - Hunter Davies (Frances Lincoln, 2009)
Thomas Hardy - Selected Poems (ed. Tim Armstrong; Pearson, 2009)
The Quickening Maze - Adam Foulds (Jonathan Cape, 2009)
Writing Poetry (Pan Macmillan, 2009)
Sticky - Andy Croft (Flambard, 2009)
Angels Over Elsimore/ Opal Sunset - Clive James (Picador, 2008)
O the Windows of the Bookshop Must Be Broken - David Kessel Collected Poems 1970-2006 (Survivors' Press, 2006; 2nd edition 2010)
The Stalin Epigram - Robert Littell (Duckworth Overlook, 2009)

Philip Williams - NEW: The Clear Daylight - Peter Branson (Littoral Press, 2021)

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