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The Brown Envelope Book

"The Brown Envelope Book ‘illustrates the cold-hearted barbarism’ of DWP"


John Pring

Disability News Service


"The Brown Envelope Book feels significant for the way in which it triangulates artistic expression, social experience, and the ideological underpinnings that create and contour that experience... a book so rare in its creative energy, and so profound in its political implications."


Fran Lock

Culture Matters

"This is poetry as protest, rebellion, testament, analysis and sheer agonised pain"


Steve Spence

Litter Magazine


"Will the Minister recommend that his colleagues purchase and read the recently released e-book, “The Brown Envelope Book”, which contains more than 200 poems, pieces of prose and short plays about disabled people who say they have been “brutalised by the bureaucracy of the Department for Work and Pensions”?"


Steve McCabe MP

House of Commons

17 May 2021

BEB cover revised 2

107 poets, writers and activists join forces in opposition to the Government and DWP's hostile environment against the unemployed, sick and disabled in 318pp of poetry, prose and polemic


You can click on the book cover above for a free sample pdf download

Order the ebook for £4 here


The ebook will then be sent to your email inbox as both pdf and epub attachments



The Brown Envelope Book is now available for orders as a bespoke print book. Please select which payment option applies to you, then you'll be taken through the Paypal process to pay and make your order. Please allow up to 3-4 working days for the book to be delivered to you.

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UK ORDER £12 + £3 P&P

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EU ORDER £12 + £6 P&P

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OUTSIDE EU £12 + £10 P&P

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Those who have already purchased the ebook are entitled to a discount on the cover price of the print book of £4 already paid, so the book will cost £8 + £3 P&P

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DISCOUNTED ORDER (CONTRIBUTORS ONLY) Contributors are entitled to a 50% discount on the cover price, £6 + £3 P&P

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