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The Robin Hood Book

Verse Versus Austerity

131 Poets in Support of a Robin Hood Tax

Highest Runner Up in the Morning Star Award for Protest in Poetry 2013

The Robin Hood Book, unlike a number of collections of poetry, makes you feel included, not excluded. It is also the first time I’ve come across the glorious term “lumpenpoetariat”. Where do we sign?  Greg Freeman, Write Out Loud [read the full review here]

Provoking, entertaining, moving and heartening, it is an extraordinarily rich selection of funny, angry, polemical, satirical, sad and wise poetry ...a huge and hugely important book... Andy Croft, Morning Star [read the full review here]

Here is a handbook for everyone who wants to make the case against the Coalition. I can’t recommend it highly enough...

Disability Arts Online [read the full review here] Photos from the 24 July launch at Centerprise, Hackney





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Top row L to R: David Amery, David Kessel, Keith Chopping, David Russell, Clare Saponia, Alan Dunnett, Robert Ilson, John O'Donoghue, Julie Whitby/ Middle row L to R: Brian Beamish, James Morrison, Lelanie Stewart, Mark Kirkbride, Mike Jenkins, Philip Ruthen, Sasha Dee, Nicholas Murray, Ros Kane/ Bottom row L to R: Maggie Sullivan, Owen Gallagher, Matthew Turner, Michael Horovitz, Ian Parks and Alan Morrison

The Robin Hood Book and Ebook

Selected and edited by Alan Morrison & Angela Topping


Polemical contributors: Mark Serwotka, PCS General Secretary and patron; The Robin Hood Tax Campaign; Jody Porter, editor of the Morning Star's 'Well Versed' poetry column; Angela Topping, co-editor of the anthology; and James Morrison, Senior Lecturer in Journalism at Kingston University and author of Public Affairs for Journalists (OUP); Alan Morrison on the political developments of 2011/12 and poetry and politics.

Poetry contributors in alphabetical order of surname (as in book): David Amery, Keith Armstrong, David Barker, Brian Beamish, Jo Bell, Jim Bennett, Keith Bennett, Charlotte Beyer, Jan Bradley, Peter Branson, Alan Britt, Leon Brown, Cathy Bryant, Norman Buller, Nick Burbridge, Mark Burnhope, Gale Burns, Lesley Burt, James Chambers, Keith Chopping, JR Clarke, Pam Clatworthy, G W Colkitto, Michael Conley, Ushi Crisafulli, Andy Croft, Alessandro Cusimano, Will Daunt, Jan Dean, Sasha Dee, Alan Dent, Alan Dunnett, Josh Ekroy, Victoria Field, Alistair Findlay, Suzanna Fitzpatrick, Sally Flint, James Fountain, John Fox, Naomi Foyle, Paul Francis, Owen Gallagher, John Gibbens, Andrew F. Giles, Willie Giles, Mark Goodwin, Mark Granier, John Hall, Martyn Halsall, Ahab Hamza, Bruce Harris, Clare Hill, Adam Horovitz, Michael Horovitz, Robert Ilson, Andy Jackson, Chris Jackson, Simon Jackson, Sally James, Mike Jenkins, Simon Jenner, Philip Johnson, Terry Jones, Judith Kazantzis, Tom Kelly, David Kessel, Mark Kirkbride, Matthew Knights, Prakash Kona, Geoff Lander, Valerie Laws, Paul Lester, Mark Lewis, Ira Lightman, Rupert Loydell, Alexis Lykiard, Chris McCabe, Austin McCarron, Niall McDevitt, Paul McGrane, Andrew McMillan, Nigel Mellor, Helen Moore, David Morgan, Alan Morrison, Helen Mort, Nicholas Murray, Andy N, James B. Nicola, Steven O’Brien, John O’Donoghue, Andrew Oldham, Patrick Osada, Ben Parker, Ian Parks, Mario Petrucci, Steph Pike, Fiona Pitt-Kethley, David Pollard, Jody Porter, Louise Pymer, Mike Quille, Peter Rafferty, David Ray, Angela Readman, Jeremy Reed, Sally Richards, Dave Russell, Philip Ruthen, Clare Saponia, Kevin Saving, David Seddon, Sam Silva, Sam Smith, Steve Spence, Leilanie Stewart, Edwin Stockdale, David Supper, Andrew Taylor, Barry Tebb, N.S. Thompson, Steve Thorpe, Angela Topping, Matthew Turner, Brian Wake, Steve Waling, JT Welsch, Julie Whitby, Brenda Williams, Heathcote Williams, Rodney Wood and Ken Worpole.


£10 plus P&P


UK order £16 incl. p&p

Europe £20 incl. p&p   

Outside Europe £32 incl. p&p  

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