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Recusant Polemic

Gary Beck - An Assertion of Poetry
Peter Dudink - Thoughts On Socialism and Capitalism

Jenny Farrell - NEW: A Marxist Reading of Wuthering Heights
Michael George Gibson - On English Poetry and Poems
Geoffrey Heptonstall - Almost A Whisper Games That People Play: The Teatro Olimpicia Free For All NEW: Psst. Have You Heard About..?
Simon Jenner - The Atkinson Diet: on tabloid "scrounger" rhetoric

Prakash Kona - The Poet as Subverter in the 21st Century Avant-Garde The Communism of Prakash Kona

Alan Morrison - A Scowling Class Apart: A Sketch of James Keir Hardie The Primark Shirted Philanthropists

Christopher Norris - NEW: A Family Business - A Poetic Monograph

Colin Robinson - Just like home – mental health and homelessness – a short comparison between the British and Australian experience

Fred Russell - NEW: Evolution 2: The Roots of Racism

Lynda Stevens - Full-Time Dreamers

Lee Whensley - The Storyteller

“With the abolition of private property, then, we shall have true, beautiful, healthy Individualism. Nobody will waste his life in accumulating things, and the symbol for things. One will live. … Most people exist, that is all.” The Soul Under Socialism, Oscar Wilde

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