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Sheila E. Murphy

from Ghazals for 2023



Precise mistakes lodged between repeat signs. 

Sing to me in your pretty solvent sleep.


Immaculate reception zithers here.

Listen to taut strings be lovingly touched.


A perfect world might mean no afternoons.

Rakish tilt to hat perched atop the head.


Salesy type lacking just intimacy.

Lonely life a whole in one mirroring.


Rumors circulate and pick up high speed.

Tales of boondoggles recited as facts.


from Ghazals for 2023



Breath happens once and then repeats itself.

She said the one I loved was proud of me.  


Illusion: windows filling up with light.

Reflection gives back what is not absorbed.


Innocence unlikely to be retrieved.

Pray that I might locate maturity. 


Kitchen disposal, working properly. 

At last releasing dross with a firm grip. 


Autumn loose leaf littering the mind yard.

I retreat to fear the place of kindling.




from Ghazals for 2023



His tears although genuine are rehearsed.

In full flower of the Hallmark channel.


Tonight unblistered singing me to sleep.

I long for history's encore flower.


Decibels in the lively restaurant.

The coughing has outlived its usefulness.


Poetry's own elasticity blooms.

Once again I live for a rehearsal.


Your love an endowment I don't deserve.

Magic me to life here among the blooms.




from Ghazals for 2023



I could not replicate your smart advice.

In the fireplace up north newspaper flares. 


Chance operations embody this life.

A good luck charm begun at root chakra.


Within me the snow path leading upward.

My school a state of mind and poetry.


Hasty fractions pushed together form breadth.

A healing depth arises from within.


Chalky sky or is it milky daylight?

Homespun weather recalls another time.



Sheila E. Murphy © 2023

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