R.G. Foster

Uneasy Quartet

Spying commerce

On a shady veranda,

The blue mink sprung

At naked knees

Well-torn, ‘mid garland swirls

of pinks, and such.

Davis, stood at the crag-top, observes

the ranks a-dangle, bone-built mutations

fat-draped, decided.

Abstracts o’ the scientists

Spin on upward,

Rhetoric in darkness,

Science & Politics:

Advancing Fantasies.

The princess, once,

Begun to think -

‘Would not

A melody brighten the house?’

But employment, alas,

was not her arena.

R.G. Foster © 2014


Titled it ‘Blue’

but it was green, GREEN

(as ole’ H.C...)

drought land, dumb stream, cassia,

a notable hole in advertising


Bring in

The smoke, burns in




“Modern” discolouring

of an ecstasy.

ministers praise the imports,

Leisure sees itself retained

before the widening house-fronts.

R.G. Foster © 2014