Alessandro Cusimano

The Nation

the medicine man has a vision

and disappears

in a prison

of the Empire Film Producer

metal animal

worn away with the rust

and they call him killer

when the killers accuse a killer


one night noble light


when the windows are open

the rifle of the inhuman man

a slanting creature beyond the measure

a sergeant

eats up his supper taken from home

and kills

someone who has the power to do this

watching people do it without shame

the actor's life

obscene reflexes

oblong planes appeal to the low

Old Glory ponders the rights and wrongs

grimaces deform the faces

and make them ugly

broken down window panes

internals of wide open mouths

Queen of All Flowers

the gaze bends

the night damp colours

new anatomies

bold shapes wink and move

under the roses

tasting strokes

things you can touch

perfect lipstick

clear in the stretch


rose leaves sweeten the thorns

in summer

night put on its coloured plumes

the great silence wakes up

and takes away the agony of boredom

the wail of a rose is the cry

at night

of a carnivorous spider

with sweet mouths

showing off brand new throats

with its multiple body

innumerable and victorious

Alessandro Cusimano © 2010

Excellent Madman

I have an iron will

proof that the gimmick can work

in my note-books I sketched the abyss

the dung heap of inequality

trial and acquittal


my personality is fading away

rubbing the impalpable

overcoming my resistance


policy and carelessness

carved temperaments

reason and unconsciousness

my devotion to these two sisters grim

if only I could find a way

to deal with them

without turning away from myself

from the unreasonable friend

from the excellent madman

towering above

locked up

the taste of a ripe melon

is the meaning of a moral dilemma

everything at once

Amsterdam Wide Dreams

a lovely girl brings home her puppet boyfriend

and plays with him

the tall convex space appears turquoise

draws a sinuous line

sensual on the perimeter

steeped in the events of others

is the profile of a sea wave

ensures the persistence of blue

the opposite of darkness is spreading


the wave breaks regular



has a changing effect

hands out colours

night owns the future

forgives the guilt

multiplies the fixed and reflected light

surrounds the vaporous game

unties a curtain

after dark

you look and measure the content

of mirrors

the anxiety of the angels goes on stage

have memory

remind all

the vibrations are perpendicular

penetrate the skin

a mass of water rises and falls

is female

able to overwhelm the spectator

with the honesty of her sins

under a dim light

so as not to be seen

so you do not see the others

there's a glare

vision is complex


the volume of the music is consumed

a ruby-throated hummingbird flies free

growing soft folds follow the trend

the long radius

the imagination to reach

the underside of the tables

steel and water deposit the gray and blue

in the depths of the deepest eyes

wooden puppet head is sitting on himself

his face is opalescent


inspired by an happy melodrama

built on the water

Alessandro Cusimano © 2010