Alan Dunnett

No Mercy

I will be back with a gun.  Talk alone

did not serve.  I know it is a mistake

to commit to violence.  Its dark moan

begets violence.  That's why we must make

everything go away, die forever,

suffocate under salt, gasp at a stake

driven through the heart so that you never

rise again, not in this life or the next

crawling in bright limbo instead whether

the day dips or ascends.  Blinded, you take

no comfort through eternity.  Rather,

you will never sleep yet always awake

ragged and staring, restless with no home

to head for begging the Kind Ones to break

you into little pieces and be done.


I am resolute, Oh Lord, for the Right,

just wondering why it must involve dead


Facing you in the red,

wet eye of battle, I only see this:

matters must not end here.  Don't apologise

at this point when you find it is all done

for you.  The time to make amends has gone.

In finishing you, I bring the hot breath

of a curse upon myself though the gods

know exactly why it has come to this.

You hurt my children.  We talked about this

and it made no difference.  You burned

our homes and we fled to the mountains.

For a long while, it seemed like all was lost

but you could not kill us down to the last.

Now it is a new day.  Even these thoughts

put blood upon my hands but sacrifice

buys the future although they call it vice.

Alan Dunnett © 2013

In This Light

You sit with the others staring at the agenda.

Everything is in order and respectable.

The chairperson is venerated, the coffee

is not instant.  The doorknobs are burnished gold

in this light.

You are here by design and not by mistake

and yet you wish it were not so.  You wish

you could leave and return with force

because this meeting has a foregone conclusion

in this light.

Everyone is polite.  Some are confident.  Some

are riddled with concern.  There must be a way

to change the future but this is not it.

They will smile and minute with accuracy

in this light.

Alan Dunnett © 2013