when –

it gets to you,

when your job leaves you

exhausted, degraded and broke,

just remember what it was like

when you were looking for work,

remember how

exhausted, degraded and …

ok, so basically

it was the same, yeah

but hey – at least you pay taxes now!

at least you have the right to complain now!

unless you work in a shop of course

in which case, sorry, but fuck you:

so say

the slave driver workshy companies

and the slave driver workshy public

that exhaust and degrade you

for the privilege

of paying their taxes for them,

even when you’re broke.

damn. really? that’s REALLY the social set-up you have? damn.

I wouldn’t blame you

for chucking the Molotov

at something,

at anything or anyone

when it gets to you,

even if it gets to you

all the time

because it is


so here,

drink this bottle of vodka while I look for my matches.

we’re hiring!

she hands me her C.V.

and there’s nothing on it:

it says she was born

that she likes computer games, and

that’s about it.

I know she won’t get the job,

poor thing

fresh out of school

but instantly stale

with a lack of experience

my own C.V. is too big,

pages and pages of temp jobs

in all sorts of places

up and down the country:

no one trusts me anymore

employers don’t account

for people moving around

to avoid people

people like them

who judge us

for having too


or too



with equal prejudice,

you know?

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