Philip Ruthen

Parity - NHS

A laboured ache

always full of itself

no need to collect tokens

it is here, Pain is here

choices codified

the daze numbered


or even precisely


losing too much in bulk buying


perhaps gaining a little

by making text

calls chase miss-named special offers


Q.E.D. this is where for over

water hoping and no walking

in other opinions

the chore of the day, and orders of perception

become able to be counted on

one finger, until that code is not enough.

And then, by chance the fearful

turn to anger and life's recent

and still 'quelle heure est-il?'

comment and object is poured-power

boiling onto the low white table

empty as hands

to run ritualised

filling the quiet noises and following

retreating envoys of

'doctor-gods' who say

they are not

all knowing, this

is a placement of hands-on-anger

as countless each carefully arranged

objection looks back

and people are not empty, as

not even closed air can lose

the loosened memories of injustice

in a daze gone by, now clear sky

clarity amongst us, now clear eyes

parity amongst us.

Philip Ruthen © 2007