Kevin Saving

Tony Blair Acrostic

'Trustworthy' was NOT your strong suit:

Oily grins more your forte.

Nose pressed to the yankee jackboot,

You were not the dog to stray.

Bush-whacking the hands which fed you,

Licking blood-stains from your paws,

Arse-sniffing the rich - in-bred you

Issue-out your poodle roars,

Rip up Charters in your jaws.

Sonnet for Lost Innocence

There are some things we felt you ought to know...

The old guy dressed in red - him with the hood -

we knew he wasn't up to any good:

'Unlawful Entry' (as our cameras show).

That fairy with a thing for children's teeth

(or so he says) - we've taken D.N.A.:

it's our belief he'll soon be put away

(some alibis just beggar all belief!)

You see old hook-nose, giving us the eye?

An A.B.H., two ASBOs and a Tag

('Domestic Violence') -but that old slag,

his 'partner', Judy, just won't testify.

The State must claim us all sooner or later

where 'innocence' means 'lack of current data'.

Kevin Saving © 2009