Anthony Hitchin


Forget Eden. It never existed and yearning for it only pollutes the present -

I have learnt this, I promise

You will not find it in the literary life, curio relics,

this poem is only here that you should miss the spines of

the cactus.

Dinner Guest

Merely average, another baby performing cribbed thesis,

jaws grabbing the ball on cue -

surprise! surprise! incredulous joy especially for you, all for


wrinkled crepe paper skin, I could put my finger in,

though I already know every inch of you,

splashed polite chit-chat-chitter-chatter-chitter-chatter tittle-tattle-tittle tattle

a gentlemen’s club, a spinsters knitting circle

school prefects, head-boys with wetted knuckles - what miniature masterpieces!

masticating swollen lifeless


Anthony Hitchin © 2009