Steve Mann

sunday nineteen

homo homini lupus – Plautus (184 BC)

ugly faces grin their nicest wretchedness

‘will she favour me’ they think as with

maudlin haste they plunge their destiny’s

corona, eased open with defiant

negligence, not clandestinely, for all

parcels envelope to absenteeism as

cardiac momentums transcend the silver

cord, ‘not in my lifetime’ they feel, as reversing

obsequisness – bonne fide shitstream

jaws – salivates for Britain whilst they

constipate lipsticks extruding projectile, nah

nah sirens draw them into returning weirdness

poltroons when coruscating interns blag

skeptic’s atheistic ascetics, ‘no more, no

more’ they howl ‘let them die’

Steve Mann © 2009

Uncle Herod’s Best

Vincennes’ unwitting film extras

Airbus A300’s innocents

July’s 290 pilgrims

martyred blood cries out

Uncle Herod’s stars give stripes

they know in Tehran

they know in Frankfurt

they know in Damascus

the “Lockerbie boys" of Beirut

Uncle Herod’s stars give stripes

Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi

loyal kinsman of the Colonel

his cancerous prostate allay

reunites familial severance

Uncle Herod’s stars give stripes

Steve Mann © 2009