Kevin Saving


We're quite often asked directions

how to get to so-and-so

and we seldom take exception,

tell the stranger what we know

till they sever the connection,

judge the likelihood, and go.

Do they make their assignation

with a loved one? Do we care?

Do they meet assassination

in some ambush halfway there?

If we know the destination

a rough bearing's all we'll share.

False Spring

Fooled by our thermostat and light

a butterfly lands on the wall

just by our headboard, preens for night

and flaunts its colours, proud yet small.

I watch and want to clutch it tight

but that won't do at all.

We sleep. Next morning snows swirl round

like snipped, white, pestilential string

and I find cold upon the ground

this insubstantial thing

which left its night-time perch and found

no summer, just false-spring.

Kevin Saving © 2008

No Equinimity

The started fox does not contend

the pack -but looks to flee.

I do not think I'll meet my end

with equinity.

Led to the slaughterhouse, an ox

will die without a sound:

I'll take the same view as that fox

and, when I'm round to ground

or held at bay (you may depend)

snarl at my enemy.

I do not think I'll meet my end

with equinimity.

Kevin Saving © 2008