RC Miller

A Different War

Stepping deeper I scalp a lake

Capping the drowned on my jitters.

We break together

A lamprey sonnet painted thin.

August was poor but martyrdom is still preferred

By most tribes of daze bumping dirt medicine.

I know when I rise from the me for dead,

You'll swim to drown this lake well bombed.

The ham we raise should assertively perish

A trait fooling musk in its everlasting fade.

Taxidermy for the Sportsman

Darling my darling,

Your miracles lend us the absent sight of dealerships

Tenderly churning

A suburban blubber,

Our link to a rawhide pain

So done with my ills and now we'll go ahead

And fluff your feathers with a blow dryer,

Happily removing this breakfast weave.

I need no more pleasure

Seeking a place where we are of no resemblance.

O darling my darling,

I'm stoned as the hinterland enamel,

And roundly enamoring

Your greed to spend a lot of dough

When we medicate our perfect push-up bra

With the miracles sung and now I'll go ahead

And churn the absence lending us sight,

A well worn pain seeking pleasure

Fluffing resemblances

From the billions of blow dryers hung.

RC Miller © 2009

Thomas Edison Service Area

O my the speed is what happens

All in the name of our seat.

Plastic builds one thing,

To bash glass is another

Civilization thought doomed.

Eastern cables hook the Western lung.

A cigarette at every rest stop.

Little crickets and thoughts of doom.

Freed a king

But not a resource.

O dearest daughter,

O dearest rat,

Freshly these mountains boil.

Their Pools

Unbearably serene,

Their pools collect the absolute

In fortified gothic casinos

Lint free and buffed as desired.

Unsettled as a vacuum,

My shrines are removed using long ropes.

An exhausted tagline is hissing

From the inhibitor of sour lamps.

Pigs everywhere, sterilizing scalpels,

Passing ironic gas and epitaphs.

I depend upon them to blend my quiet detonation,

I pulverize

Tendrils of pulp toward ripe destinations.

And the graves insert impacted antlers,

Shirtless and digging up for my nightmare

Vain butter flickering supreme vinegar.

Weird Flashlights in the Deer Feed

As will of oak and actions implemented,

Restless is our labor

Pallid by bandaged lotus wafers.

Mattress farms just back from the battle

Shriek weird flashlights in the deer feed,

Hatching for our oath

A final burden then redemption.

Each time they start to writhe

We heel,

Descendants of the cannonball tail.

My habitual jellies

Attend a musk no roots may erase.

I surrender the menu.

You surround my aura.

In mimes I start to writhe

Like our parts healing

An action of pensive rags

Burrowing the wax sun retraced.

Bulbs stiff with kin

Suspending this mechanical dawn

Welt your fins and calm

A staff of magazine inspired spawn.

RC Miller © 2009