Neil Fawcett


A man parked his car

at Lidl on the Aeropli road

and filled it with food and wine.


by a thin man

from Pakistan

with a spray bottle

and a dirty cloth.


he sprayed the screen,

scratched off dried bugs,

scrubbed it clean.

Grateful ( for the opportunity)

the blood faced man

rummaged for a euro,

shook the cleaner's hand,

smiled and drove off

to his villa in the hills.

French Fields

Home keys not pressed


Crosses trace the contours


A chorus of silenced


string across the wind.

Neil Fawcett © 2014

Glasgow Girl

Do you know what she said,

that blond young girl from Glasgow?

The moneyless, motherless girl

sitting on the edge of her bed,

looking down to the million-souled city,

belly slopping with cheap soup;

The girl with hungry worry gnawing

the bone at the back of her brain

with ninety eight pence and some

soup to see her through until Friday -

This blond young girl child from Glasgow said:

'I don't think about the future

that's ages away isn't it?

I worry about money, but everyone worries.

Those with money worry,

just not about money.'

Neil Fawcett © 2014