Judith Mensch


I am as mundane as I ever was

as lonely

as un-full of meaning

the sky is just as empty

the rain still ridicules my tears

the longing runs just as deep

in my veins as it did at first

my sighs still laugh at me

echoing the heavens’ assessment

and I remain with fears,

with holes, with shame

my life trailing off into the sunset

my life trailing off

I Closed Up the Summer Porch Today

I closed up the summer porch today

- stored the cushions

- brought in the plants

- sorted through the magazines

(I found that recipe for streusel

you said I ought to try)

I said good-bye to summer.

Remember those long evenings?

You’d listen to the ballgame on the radio

I’d do my stitching and send my thoughts

Somewhere else. I cared too much, you see,

For the home team.

When they didn’t win, I felt shame (just

As the song says I should).

Still, I was always a little sad when the season was over,

And it was time to come in,

Although when it rained we stayed inside

(“That porch was meant for sunshine,” we’d say).

These days I store pop out there

To keep it cool for Thanksgiving afternoon treats, you see

When more is needed, one of us retrieves it

Quickly, for it is like alien territory

Out there that smells different in the winter

And we are always in a hurry to return to the warmth.

Well, anyway, I closed up the summer porch today

- put away the radio

- covered the furniture

- pulled the blinds

and the door behind me

making my life smaller, tighter, limited.

I closed up the summer porch today

I said good-bye.

Judith Mensch © 2011

Untitled #6

I think I’ll just lie here awhile

On this grassy hillside

On a November afternoon

The sun low in the sky

The air chill but not as cold

As it will soon get

An old church’s bells blanket me

As the birds supply my pillow

I rest with leaf and blossom

Take root with worm and soil

Settle in to await

The promised spring

Come and see me sometime

We shall sit under the pale sun

And listen to the bells

And reminisce

If you’re not careful

You will come to love me again

Judith Mensch © 2011