Jude Dillon

Whiskey bright betrayer – killer of time

fizzled into candles and light bulbs

I left you, hugged and smiled and done with

mountains closer than your faraway looks

an orchard of crooked limbs

I won’t even cry in your sleep anymore

carefully I slip into dying

rise up black foam to the top of the white city

hold the belly in before

the dusty light has closed the door on me

reached deep into the shadows

with the rasp of logic

quibbles with your voice

grown tragic with flaws

spread the compliments a little thin

lab rats await your experiments

ready and waiting

with coffee warm in your hands

Nightmare makes her rounds

the folded legs of gorgeous scissors

a hollow lantern dull with smoke.

You appear to have regained my senses

the shiny side of depression

you are someone close to stay apart from

catching onto real

I listen now for all your looks

holding up the sky and locking in the trees

it’s early for pouring out the wind

a girl deaf with the touch of men

the currency of darlings with counterfeit faces

colours change clothes with circles and squares

walk ahead of me, streets that shape the light

hum with the voice someone left for you

the lie built around your family

where have all the colours gone in the box of dark?

boxes that open at both ends of the bottle

I backed in with taunts of love

into the chattering mind

lights chiseling into bits of view

tightening the sky for another run at the sun

a smile comes eager to share

understands the look

undresses a drink

the shallow end of every conversation

talks you out of the room.

Jude Dillon © 2010

I’m ready for someone spoiled on lust and looks

her mind clangs with coins and keys

Who goes between a coffee and the cigarette

damping down light with snowflakes and fog

a soot drifted look

what the whiskey did, what the music wore, where the mountains hid, why the rain delayed

a riddle unlatched by the power of staying away

the scrape of your words sit in my attic

piss against a shy mountain

hug close in the brittle scratch of your hair

with a grip on your lip

a moment comes between us with intense light

an ocean stretches out with your hands

a river takes a whisper to shout up a canyon

a gift that shimmers

Light runs out of your mouth

what rain shines up for the wind

the crumble of strawberry houses

will not remember if you hold them

the grip of polyester on wooly minds

the lace of generous trees

the bulge of grey mist

Love is a jinx

knuckled under to the boot of the Earth

I thought I saw us far away and shiny

your figure slips from my fingers

puts down my guitar and remembers.

Jude Dillon © 2010