Dah Helmer

1. A Longer Journey

Makers of eternity

thunder and fear, I bring this

offering, my used soul,

in return for a length of life

longer than eternal,

a slash of lightning to break the dark,

sunbeams, a stillness that moves me.

This thin air, this breath,

a momentary escape, here, forsaken

and twisted, rotted like an old storm,

caught in death’s drift, hardened

by an acrid drip of ice.

If I could break myself, these habits,

these scattered moments. If I could cut

like heat through the final ice, melt,

spill, ooze, discharge a living hiss,

some eternal life.

I rush to you this offer,

crash into time, carry wind

in my lungs, waves of blood,

drums in my heart, I rush

and pass faster into this growth

of hollow space, a cold dull gasp,

lips mute, eyes dumb.

Do not sever this hope from me,

do not break me, here, on earth,

a longer journey, a longer journey,

good fortune, good luck,

a shot in the dark, more hours

on the clock, a longer journey.

Gods of eternity

thunder and fear, I bring this

offering, my used soul, broken,

dismantled. This is all I have

and you have so much.

Dah Helmer © 2015

2. Cabernet

I savor this vintage

A red-swoon whistles

like a sailor

and my tongue’s waves

wash the essence to shore

Taste buds are spellbound

A whispering lift carries me

sedates my nerves

and even more is this empty glass’s

disordered drops along the rim

Smudged lip prints like breath’s vapor

a momentary ghost

moon sliding into water

fog snow

blood of sacrificial grapes

3. Dictator

To those who forgive me

I loathe you

for you are weak


your voices are not worthy

you spineless living

dead things

worthless as dumb dogs

If not incarcerated

I would do it again

would squeeze everything

out of you




your life

No do not say you forgive me

you are not gods

You have no power to forgive

you are impotent

After I vanish

I will haunt you to your deaths

and there

I will be waiting

to squeeze the light from your soul

until nothing but darkness

Dah Helmer © 2015

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