Chris Vaillancourt

This Nonsense I Began

I wonder what pleasure

I can expect from the dawn?

Free to stand and holler

With vengeance at the sun.

Today is a good day, I feel,

In that, the best is yet to come.

I pray I have success

To watch the fate

Of my ambitions come undone.

It is to be expected

That I will always be the same.

I think this is understood

Regardless of the rules

Established to control me.

I would rather stay in the yard

Than face the appointments

I am compelled to create.

Oh dear, it is almost over,

This nonsense I began.

The Woman Ticking Her Own Clock

She struggles with her path,

even though it is one

she has chosen.

There are words flung at her

that she does not

want to hear.

She has declined advice.

Her purpose is to be what

she wants to be.

The problem for her is

finding exactly what this is.

She opens a can of cat food

and feeds it to her dog.

She licks a stamp and

places it on the fridge.

Confused at simple things,

she struggles to defend

complicated matters.

She will not open her


to any



She is afraid.

More of herself

then anyone else.

Chris Vaillancourt © 2014


Dangling feet into water..

..searching mind; looking for an answer

to a question I have not asked yet.

Entering space of discontent, rambling

thoughts that do not illustrate peace.

Dangling heart into soul...

..seeking a place to hide where

the clocks are not working.

Where I can reflect nothing and yet

assume everything.

I hear the dipping leaves crashing

like feathers onto the ground.

I see the pebbled danger

that comes from being isolated.

Yet I seek that isolation anyway.

I ask only that I can shut my eyes

and see only what shadows

I want to see.

Dangling love into hot lava...

Watching it burn away; aware

that it will not come back.

Not caring, but daring to

reach out and grab

at it again.



You demand.

Because I must.

I whisper secrets in the

ears of my lover.

Letting her know

events and opinions

I only share with her.

She smiles at my words.

I know they please her.

As I limply moan

with anticipation

at what is to come.


You demand.

Well, I've answered you.

Chris Vaillancourt © 2014