Chris Firth

Evening Song

The sky is lamp blue,

The horizon black kohl

On the eyelid

Of evening.

The moon is a drum,

The single star smiles,

So high, so bright, so pure,


Town lights flicker on

Below this hill top,

Thoughts drift through

Long shadows of curving streets.


The moon will rise,


All stars blossom,


The night wheels in.

Join in, join in -


The whole world

Is in the song.

Thank you, thank you.

Slowly now -

This whole world

Turns into song.

Chris Firth © 2008


In sleep

I became a bird of clay;

I was yearning

For the sweet breath of dawn.

That was me

Singing like an upstart jay

Alone out there

In the apple tree.

My life

Had been lived inside a glass jar

Until you came

Throwing me from a distance.

There was no sky

For me to fly in

Until you came,

Guiding from the certainty

Of  the bright star.


You hooked me

And bound me;

You lured me on strings

To the temple door.


You hooked me

And led me

Through doorways

Filled with blue shadow.

'Let go of everything,' you sang,

Or  maybe, 'Hold on to nothing.'

It is never easy to translate

The precise wording of dreams.

'Let go of everything,' you sang

'Hold onto nothing.

Let it all go.

Let everything go.

Chris Firth © 2008