Andrzej Łyszkowicz

Terrifying Fruit

Like a magnifying glass

against the dark sun

training violence and vice

on a tiny speck of arm.

So the body in its minute

part experiences the pain

and horror of murder,

torture and abuse.

To say: this is real, and real;

To say: this is not real, not real.

But the seed has been sown

so it will grow to bear

its terrifying fruit.

Blind Night

It’s a blind night that speaks to you —

let it spill under your heel.

Andrzej Łyszkowicz © 2013


The improbability of change

hit him in the gut

with the impact of a bullet.

He stirred his coffee carefully,

looked at it,

poured it into the sink.

Never again will he

fool himself into believing.

The Edifices of Tomorrow

When the waiting ends

the hours sigh with regret

drop one by one,

retired soldiers of forgotten campaigns.

It’s no longer possible

to buy you flowers or go for a walk.

Let’s storm the edifices of tomorrow,

fill them with cries of joy and terror.

Andrzej Łyszkowicz © 2013