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Michael Wyndham

A Night In January 1991


You found an abandoned notepad,

and inside, a poem penned by

you titled ‘The New Crusade’.


It is dated 17th January 1991,

the night ‘Gulf War One’

exploded live via CNN.


Memories of the evening return:

the glee of your father’s fantasy

of the restoration of conscription;


his vision of you marching Arabian

lands bedecked in Desert DPM

and rifle. Your mother, heckling,


revealing his TB-fakery to dodge

the Korean call-up in a conspiracy

of flu, gin, and a bung to a ‘bent’ GP.


Your brother, allowed to stay up

late to enjoy the show, jerking

his Game Boy as if conducting


the bombing on screen, while BBC

news anchors praised the accuracy

of B-52s blasting their targets. 



Michael Wyndham © 2022

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