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Gordon Scapens

All That Jazz


The fusion of harmonies

is a question posed

on the nerves of my spine.


Mastery of improvisation

threads the audience

into a chained password,


time disappears

into an artistry of melody,

forgets knowing my life.


A soloist flirts notes

to pattern a platform

painted by rhythm,


such melodies expressing

the flair of kite flying

on an improvised string.


This music has a soft centre,

melts over a frame of silence,

pours a lesson for ears.


The meaning?

Listeners will recognize

poetry of sound.

Summing It All Up


Along the daisy chain

of unfulfilled days


we struggle for a light

in home-made darkness,


for just a touch

of honest human contact.


Life is spent up

unlocking temples,


searching for a faith

our desires invented.


Time plays the tune

as we dance aspirations.


Journey’s end is a song

nobody has yet written.

Gordon Scapens © 2022

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