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Found Photos

Regular contributor Ben Hall has provided some old photo curiosities for anyone readers out there who might think they spot a missing ancestor or two lurking in them. The odds against this are huge of course, but it's worth displaying them, if nothing else, for curiosity value. To quote Ben: Some of them are oddly haunting. Anonymous people living in little scraps found at the bottom of boxes in junk shops. Watch this space for any more photographic enigmas that Ben may further discover through his rummaging in thrift shops. If you have any ideas at all about the possible origins of one of these photos, perhaps an idea as to where they were taken or in which period, then do let us know by emailing via the Contact link.


[Note: our guess is the photo of the woman in the hat is late Victorian/early Edwardian; similar for the one of the two sisters/mother and daughter, well, they do look very alike; the gentleman playing golf is backdropped by a pair of trousers that could be from any period between the Thirties and the Fifties; as for the large photo, this certainly doesn't look like a British street, somewhere on the continent no doubt, also judging by the unusual style of white hat on the woman in front - and notice the fraction of a lady in a white dress just visible from a doorway. Intriguing.]f

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