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Archived Editorials

Rupert Murdoch in Portcullis House’s post-modern restaging of King Lear;

The Daily Express and Mail Couldn't Give ATOS About the Facts;

Cutting Out the Tabloid Cancer Once and For All;

Czar Dave ‘I Don’t Do Irony’ Cameron Guest Edits the Big (Society) Issue to Welcome in

a New Generation of Street Vendors Created by His Government’s Housing Benefit Caps;

Osborne and Bust

The Recusant, as its title suggests, has no set stylistic criteria. We simply aim to publish online any poems, prose pieces, fiction, articles, reviews that we think interesting, imaginative and powerful.


In terms of poetry, we have a preference for work that deviates from today's recognised conventions, whether in style or in subject, or preferably both. To us, subject is as important as style: a poem needs an impulsion beyond just technique, and this often tends to be through a compelling subject, something which needs to be written. We particularly like political, social and polemical poetry. We wish to promote non-conformist work, in other words, that which does not submit to the ease of contemporary trend; writing more potentially lasting than simple zeitgeist. The Recusant is here to expose the work of those writers who write on their own terms, irrespective of fashion. Whether formalist, modernist, or somewhere in between, all poets are welcome to submit. But it is in unfashionable subjects - such as politics, poverty, social exclusion, mental illness - rather than styles that The Recusant seeks to specialise.  


We are one contemporary poetry journal that does not shun 'bedsit' poems. Nor are we inclined to believe that any one school holds a monopoly on poetic relevance and progress: we embrace a variety of approaches and styles, and tend to be sceptical of any 'formulas'.


In terms of prose work, we are open to most subjects, but again with an eye particularly for socially focused pieces, political and polemical. We make no bones about our leftfield stance, but at the same time aim to be as broad-minded as our name suggests.


We also aim to evolve a creative collective from this online project to offer an alternative to established writing trends. This site we hope may also act as a kind of sanctuary to such writers who identify with our view.


Those journals and ezines with whom we feel most in common are listed on our Links page.


I have now managed to format a Donations tab but due to The Recusant not being a charity am unable to provide a button via Paypal which allows people to donate any sum they like. I have therefore fixed this button at £5, so anyone wanting to donate more - by all means donate more than once. I am adding the same button to the Emergency Verse page, since it is primarily for that project I am seeking donations at this time. 





The Recusant invites any donations, no matter how nominal, from contributors or readers, chiefly in the hope of being able to eventually cover the costs of keeping the website operative. As this webzine is a non-profit enterprise any contributions would greatly help in maintaining it for your consumption and it is our wish to avoid ever having to succumb to advertising in order to break even: the Recusant, being essentially a capitalist-sceptic outlet, has by policy decided against 'capitalising' on its increasing readership by seeking corporate sponsorships (in spite of one or two offers). There may indeed come a time when some form of advertising comes into this webzine, however, this will only be in relation to those organisations, charities and creative bodies with which the Recusant shares common values, and not on any commercial basis. So, to help keep tR advertisement-clean - as is one of our missions - any contributions would be massively appreciated.


Our new e-book imprint Caparison will operate on a nominal 'commercial' basis, with full downloads to be charged at a minimial price of £2.99 per title. This is necessitated in part due to the considerable labour time spent on producing what will essentially be electronic books laid out in pdf (pre-print and printable) format, replete with distinctive cover designs. There will be the option of a free download of sample poems from each title, which will hopefully whet your appetites for the full collections available for the aforementioned minimal price. Purchasers will receive the pdfs via email directly from myself, and I will be happy also to give tips on downloading and printing off the titles for those technophobes among you.

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