Tatjana Debeljacki

Japan in April

I crave silently and far away.

Naked, filled up with perfection,

I am attending enjoyment.

Where there is trust there is always glee.

He never painted my passion,

Dreams from the color to the word,

Without suspense and shivers.

The moment of light strikes me.

Pressing Japanese air onto my face.

April is slowly spilling its colors,

above duplicate shadows dancing away.

To the uncaring

Lost in the grey loneliness.

Cognition intruder – rustling from the mind.

Unclear thread, passionate, cruel, is awoken.

The fruit is not conspiracy.

The lunatic, genius of silence!

Get closer to the unspoken.

The analysis of reason- slavery!

During walking, visible shame.

Exciting autonomy,

Opened door, the windows,


In the mist the stairways

Leading to heaven.

Paralyzed conscience,

Portable mirror.

In the plural against the fluency,

Conducting, behavior,

And admit the guilt.

The line connecting,

The road to the spacecraft.

We walk on by in dishonor.

Bronze woman,

Brass man!!!

Tatjana Debeljacki © 2012