Robert Ronnow

Numerous Blue Notes

Sitting, trying to write, nothing

comes to me. Nothing is what it'll have to be.

Over the weekend and immediately

following the election demonstrations in the streets,

Not my president! But today is Monday

back to work and the business of business in America.

Never have we been fierce warriors.

Rhett Butler got that right: in any confrontation

with the state a platoon of new recruits

with automatic weapons outguns the stately

samurai. Ken and I were eating veggie

burgers and drinking local beers over worries

our fellow Americans will soon start shooting

Jews and Asians, lesbians and disabled veterans

whoever's recommended on the news.

There's a learning curve to disregarding tweets

and the remedies offered on Facebook. Our refusal

to be more than the sum of ourselves

is our saving grace. Therefore, let

the peaceful transfer of power proceed.

Democracy doesn't guarantee smart choices,

just a chance to correct the mistakes we'll make.

Robert Ronnow © 2017