Neil Ellman


There is a genocide

In each of us

Thirsting to destroy

Nations, peoples, races,

Ideas that could offend

The way we think.

There is a savagery

That forages at night

Diverted only by the glow

Of lucid thought.

When daylight comes

And formless notions fade,

We are as one at last

But waiting for the darkness

To descend again:

Amakehites and Midianites,

Carthage trampled,

Armenians strangled in their beds,

A Trail of Tears to Buchenwald

And Killing Fields of

Tutsi knives on Hutu throats.

There is something in the human core

Repeated now, repeated now

And then in all futurity--

So dark,

So hideously dark.

Neil Ellman © 2009