Mike Quille

I Am Chavez

I am Chavez

I am the Indian with the chicken and the maize

Cheap food for everyone

I am Chavez

I am the clerk in the Caracas office

Nationalise the banks

I  am Chavez

I build houses in San Cristobal

Expropriate the landlords

I am Chavez

I am the doctor in the Bolivar Clinic

Hands off the NHS

I am Chavez

I am the soldier who fought for the people

End the Afghan war

I am Chavez

I teach religion in the new village school

Jesus was a communist

I am Castro

Mike Quille © 2013

Note from the editor: The Recusant joins with Mike Quille in mourning the passing of Hugo Chavez, socialist leader of Venezuala, who by his long championing and emancipating of the poor of his nation against the vested interests of rich elites, put 'capitalist' governments throughout the world to shame. We hope the Socialist Venezualan Republic will survive his passing and find an equally benevolent leader.