Geoff Stevens

Merry Isthmus

We are two islands that hold hands

joined by a tidal spit of sand.

I am the ancient and unspoilt

you the beneficiary of loft insulation and double glazing

and everything that is new and amazing

the internet and telephone communication

central heating and a freezer

electricity for your vacuum cleaner.

Life for me is much leaner

uninhabited and undeveloped am I

save for ancient tumuli.

And while you are well informed from radio and TV

DNA is my latest news, my history.

We communicate with flags and flashing eyes, by signs

by our posture, by semaphore, the way we stand upon the sea.

The lay-lines laid beneath the flooding sward

bring us the word.

Silence sometime shouts across the sound

shall I come to you or you to me

and though basically we are free and there’s no tears

Islands do drift together across the years.

Geoff Stevens © 2009