Karl Koweski

Still life on a shelf

the dull roar of the furnace,

so absolute and implacable,

this must be the sound of all creation.

The lampworker honey spools

molten glass from the crucible within

and births it onto the marver.

Sure hands find form in the formless.

shears sever the cooling placentas.

A breath through the blowpipe

instills a center around which

all else coagulates.

heated tonsils creates an orifice.

A paddle to the bottom imparts balance.

Varying degrees of flame

renders frozen perfection.

Smoky glass shot through with

tendrils of blonde and cerulean.

This vase too immaculate, precious

to know the scent of flowers.

Still life on the shelf.

Terrible in its emptiness and beauty.

Born untouched

and untouchable until death.

Karl Koweski © 2009