Justin Ehrlich

Alchemical Eyes

She speaks in myriad dimensions.

Refracting from the prism of her words-

Pernicious geometric scansion!

Rainbow insults on a Mobius curve.

Alchemical eyes burn with a black flame.

Incendiary incantations bedight

The sleep of reason; cipher with no aim,

A cabalistic plague of second-sight.

Unceasing reflection fermented gaunt,

Fantastic visions of her corpse defiled.

When she said, ‘you can hit me if you want.’

Ire faded, and I was a helpless child,

Awestruck by the angelic and obscene

Quintessence of my sweet, enchanted queen.

Nihilist Eurhythmics

We danced upon the skulls of fallen friends

To music of a grieving mother’s tears,

Shimmering in the woe that never ends,

Beneath burlesque shadows of wasted years.

In our complacency we lost our minds;

Couldn’t acclimatise to the pure land.

Memory’s torture tapestry unwinds,

Perverse Forms peel away in febrile strands.

Invisible hands tremulous with greed

Flutter to the palpitating heartbeat,

Shake in an autumnal rhythm of need;

Withering in our season of defeat.

Revelations in the glow of pyrite

Resound moans of a wounded Violin.

Goetic demons crawl in the twilight,

Satellite hands bug-sweep mutinous skin.

Comatose months drift free from reverie,

To ambient peals of monotone blight.

This time we’ll court to codes of chivalry,

We’ll plan a new regime; we’ll get it right…

Justin Ehrlich © 2008