Joel Schueler

Finding Form

The dose is finding form

it crept out of the dawn

the salt eye in the wind

upturned the bed and senses soared.

There are patterns in the chasms

and I don't feel like cleaning

I've been jabbed and sold a rag stuffed with an army of green fibers

I've been thinking more of clinging -

dirtying incarnation,

it's been such a long time with me

like a jet-stream summer crying

The breached banks

call the heron

whose angle manifests

it's pleading with the world in a bid to get some rest.

The shots are pouring down, the throats are in their mouths

the East is up

and I'm so lucky

for healed ground

I've been drinking in the winning -

dirtying incarnation,

it's been such a short time with me

no more equanimity.

Joel Schueler © 2021