Jim Morris


The fleur de lys, Tudor roses,

(All the intricate tracery),

Plain plaster.

The old stone fireplace,

(Casting shadows into corners)

A radiator.

The wrought-iron spiral staircase,

(In the central clock tower)

A lift.


The Great Hall

(With its hammer beam roof removed)

A Conference Room.


From its turreted battlements,

Balloons hanging,

Instead of bunting.


On the morning of Friday October the 21st 1966

Waste tip No 7 started slip,

To slide...

40,000 cubic metres of mining debris,

Roared down towards Pantglas Junior School

Just after assembly.

The whole liquefied mass (40 feet deep)

Crashed into class

Then silence...

I have a photograph of the aftermath before me.

A sole sticking out of the 'spoil'

So identifiable...

I had the same shoe

The same sole

As you.

Jim Morris © 2011