Geoff Stevens

Bugbear: the lost age of the folding pushchair

buggy can you spare

a partial dismantling

a few simple movements

that will render you

friendly to other passengers

and will your cell-phoned owner

currently telling someone that she is on the bus

bend her ego enough

to assist you

in this community relations exercise

or will she bawl loudly in annoyance

like her baby

at the very suggestion

Home Help

There are bruises on the window panes

where despite an aggressive city landscape

of boarded-up grandeur and tacky boxed glass

my thumbs have pressed my own views in.

I’m living in the luxury of a fertile imagination

my outlook modified by experience and memory.

You visit me like a courier crossing through a check-point border

bringing a solution no longer available here

to isolated men of my generation.

You take your clothes off with routine no frills efficiency

and I draw the curtains to cover my inadequacy.

Geoff Stevens © 2007