Daniel North

Doing it for Charity

Aficionado of good will

Helping underdogs

Sour tastes ruin gesture

Impressions' moral fogs.

Always some obtuse star

Corresponds to global tears

Liquid grasps concern, relief

Avalanches in arrears.

When 'idols' act unacceptably

They're shrouded by gold aura -

Bigwigs zip up criticism

In jiffy-bags of Pandora.

“People in desperate need” -

Tomorrow - “savage brutes”;

Building cycles of discontent

Napalm for heated disputes.

Below charred bodies, captions flash:

“Win a week in the Fjords” -

Casual suffering in laps of the press

Patients barking in their wards.

Potholed roads, unfunded troops,

Incomes balanced on loan -

If weights of past deception lift

Charity should start at home.

Daniel North © 2011