Carrie Viens


The day is a child laughing in the dark

Sinking through the house -

My bed bends beneath me

As dim light peeks through the curtain,

The damp air leaves a mildewed taste in my mouth

Rain tickles my ears with the tintinabulation of a tiny music box -

I feel sorrow in the day; longing.

Dusseldorf felt this way,

After making love to its beer-flavored night -

If only I'd traveled beyond my front door...

Over the sea I flowed like air

Switching on

Handcuffs tight

I was fast to rise, so fast.

The severed children of snow

Dance for the muse of this day

I walk with glee

A confused child in the march of a funeral party -

I turn to a cat

The lady of all I see;

A glass mouse chases the cat around my mind;

I will have to hide me to find myself -

Ich bin schöne futti

The house gives me advice:

It tells of how the sun cries

And the moon is out to get me...

This day is a child laughing in the dark,

Then silenced, succumbing to the lecherous night.

Carrie Viens © 2010