A.J. Huffman

Abandoned Notes

Sheet music littered the alleyway,

crushed under dumpster wheels, drowning

in puddles of unidentifiable liquids.   One

lone page clung desperately to metal grate.

As I watched, the wind nudged, forced it

through cracks.  As it disappeared down

anonymous drainway, I swore I heard the light

tinkling of ivory keys, the touching

tones of a funeral dirge.

Unstruck Match

Miniature wooden sculpture.  Phallic

pillar, crowned in crushed red

flint.  Flecks of potential fire

wait for fingers to force it forward.

Self-consumptive momentum,

a tiny spark to burn the world.

I Am Arctic

breath, a cold exhale, a tangible

accumulation of moisture, momentary clinging

to molecules.  I am smokeless tendril, a ring

blown through a ring, a trick of atmosphere.

I am temporary proof of life, a trail

of respiration.  I am ephemeral flutter,

a tongue-cloud rising, an effigy

to Icarus, knowing I too will fail

to touch the sun.


after Red Poppy, artist Osnat Tzadok

Fire blooms in petals centering

around a black-holed universe spattered

with golden suns.  A centrifuge

of fragrance, it calls tiny winged wills

to its source.  They worship

under graceful watch of albino sky,

the only fitting backdrop for this

well-spring of regenerative advance.

A.J. Huffman © 2014