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it is wrong ... to imagine that the currently fashionable and approved constitutes the work of permanent importance  Alan Bold (1970)



Modern English polite society...
seems to me as corrupt as consciousness of culture and absence of honesty can make it. A canting, lie-loving, fact-hating, scribbling, chattering, wealth-hunting, pleasure-hunting, celebrity-hunting mob 
George Bernard Shaw
 An Unsocial Socialist (1883)

The want of poetical power is the impelling force in the case of most versifiers. They would fain be poets, and imagine that the best way is to try to write poetry and to publish what they write. They will never see their mistake.
Equus asinus still believes that the possession of an organ of noise is sufficient, with a little practice, to enable him to sing like a nightingale. 
John Davidson (1857 – 1909)