Sean J. Mahoney

A Tangle of Mangroves

A belly flower, a flower filled with popcorn and
The enticement of fucked pollens. Sugar my
Candy sweet one, thread together chains
Of your Kindle, of crusty lights with which we
Shall wrap our room like severed black dogs
Where upper ends chew tissue & the bottoms
Simply flop down behind desks or your bent legs;
For you side-sleep, a narcoleptic tic like a sheet
Of marble sleeps upon wooden supports or hewn
Ridges carved precision-like into mountainsides
Soon drawing fluids out of a deep-throated earth.

This a fiddling dance fashioned under water
In a tangle of mangroves, seduction of left-
Over movements and right assumptions
About just how deep watering holes do go.

Sean J. Mahoney © 2019