Kevin Saving

Pro Patria

So many things you've done are wrong
and you've been doing them too long:
you rob the weak, reward the strong,
my country.
The British 'Bobby' - there he'll stand
so brave (his riot shield in hand).
He 'executes' a Dick's* command
'for Country'.
I knew we'd 'sold-out' to the yanks
but now what's left's gone to the banks-
just don't count on my vote of thanks,
'my' country.
The British population's jeers
fall on the unrepenting ears
of con-men, 'spivs' and profiteers.
This country's.
The H.M.G.'s 'convenience'
is lordly life (at our expense)
- all we take in returns 'Offence'.
Our Country!
And don't think once we're rid of Brown
his rotten house will tumble down
O look! - up pops another clown
for country.
It spies upon our every move,
it trades in 'spin' (and not in truth)
-these days, only a fool would love
their country.

* A reference to the (then) commander Cressida Dick -the 'brains' behind the botched July 2005 anti-terrorist operation that led to the killing of the innocent un-armed Brazillian electrician, J.C. de Menezes, in Stockwell tube station. Dick was promoted after the incident.

Kevin Saving © 2009