Sandy Benitez

Waiting Room at the OB-GYN Clinic

As the engorged clock ticked away,
I patiently sat in the waiting room
with my husband. The pungent smell
of familiarity greeted me. I sensed
the odour emanating from the used toys,
baby magazines, and plastic plants
that surrounded the room. Young girls
held hands, giggled with their beaus,
some were alone and stared straight ahead
at the walls like prisoners awaiting
sentencing. Twenty-something women
seemed more relaxed. Reading with their
legs crossed, swollen bellies peeking out
beneath stretched cotton baby doll tops.
And then there was me, a mother of two,
of advanced maternal age expecting
for the third time. Sitting quietly.
Waiting for the storm. Rearranging
the rooms in my heart to accommodate
one more permanent guest.

Sandy Benitez © 2009