Sam Silva

The New American Century

The air itself grows thick!
This city, this town, this beast's a heavy world!, it consumes
the soul
and lets loose garbage
and grows fat
in its sick pollution.

When the plants lose their leaves
in Autumn
I feel a more thin and natural season

than this baroque
and grotesque
dark age
...this disease of excess

The Anorexic Christian

A hot shower once a week!
Fall's cocoon begins
in the small room's central heat.
...a computer's neutral sins
...a diet of tinned meat
white bread
and pimiento spread
and rationed nicotine
that we would smoke, instead
of eat
and read good things among the dead
...the literary web sites
give a clue to what we mean!
Vampires of the later days
and clean.

Sam Silva © 2014