Sam Silva

For All of Our Soft Drink Nihilisms

It is a negative thing about me
that my bones ache
and that like anyone
walking dead
they have in my human memory.

Mahler and his opera lady
give me their sweet atonalities
late at night
on a decent computer

and I continue my mild
about Fascism
following a decadent age

...the right wing
with its typical pseudo spiritual nostalgias
from Wagner operas
to winged tailed Fords
and gospel rock

those same little places, crevices, holes,
which I might have fallen into myself
as, say, an English teacher in a small private high school

if the very madness which moves us all
had not simply
made that


Sam Silva © 2013

The Virgin Plans Her Abortion

Europe and China
have long been in love
with the dollar economy!

The Mahler piece trips along
its scratchy recording

...the cat shits in his box
and Winter

is sickly cold outside.

The first month
of an ancient year

with its icicle tear.

Sam Silva © 2013

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