Sam Silva

For All the May Day Fools

Though I love late winter rain
and those mindless ways
in which I swim

dousing all the pain
rattling the tin
and pouring out the days
like coffee in a mug.

Brother innocence
so soon is beaten down
by jealous, angry, hate teary thug!
Rock-hard and loud
and kissing flags and pissing beer!
Murdering each earnest clown
too blind to know your sin.

...oh we await
that sickened judgment
holding up the angry crowd.

Come a Spring like bitter April!
...every bully
and his leer...!

Quick Mart Evangelicals 

As born again mercy day by day
witnessing to Jude the Insane,

We say "Despair, not depression, attacks the brain,"
squeezes the brain through cheesecloth
...a moral residue of despair, this rain,
these rainy times
and this weepy war.

"Terrorists attack the flag!"
But it all just seems like a head cold. Sneezes
fill the paper bag.
Tissues wipe away the pain.

She says "But money can cause a real depression;
Think about that
for a minute, Jack."

Yeah "The sausage was fat
with a full six pack
at Sunday night's convenience store."

Now everything is as skinny as Jeezes
and we pray all night
for a tall delight

"and we spend like a bum
and feel like a whore"

Sam Silva © 2008