Sam Silva

Things Becoming Academic

Slow and lazy jazz entombs
those psychic flowers
of thought

in afternoon
to dark and shady
summer rooms
in these quiet hours

among the new south college ivory towers
computer logic delegates

to a poetry of ruined lives
in these southern most
United States.

On the Safer Side of Madness

Fear and passion mix
and cause
a journey in the River Styx
in contemplating moral laws
that tend toward days as stale
and dry
as medicines for the ruined mind.

Therefore do cowards cling to lighted
areas against the dark
when night encroaches on the eye

in places close to Central Park
...say a radius of thirty miles
containing all Manhattan

...and these will neither live nor die
but hide within a lighted place
and snore awake
and sip their draught
surviving with the a well placed lie
and shivering yet satisfied
that they've done everything they ought...

Sam Silva © 2015