Sam Silva

The Educated Spirit
Classical and expressive
...the notes which climb this way
into my room
at the end of a late Autumn day
and spread themselves
about my ancient ache.
I will sleep for an hour
and perhaps
...I'll never wake...

In A Building Where Appointments Are Made
after Alan’s Dragons

What strange telepathy caused you
to unravel the mind of God
in all of its mad disjointed lost desire?
Dead breath of fire
and lingering
cold source of colder heat the winter of our meat.
Like the attendants you walked the corridors
...shadows of mundane books
...their hearts were hung on hooks
well above the abyss where madmen fall
too far to tell
...a million fools to tend to ten million whores
with all of the depth of sophomoric looks
guiding passion's kiss
...they know not a thing, not one!,
knew neither you nor any other
passing reptile or shadow
under the stars
or under the Sun a building where appointments are made
causing such shadows to walk or run
while the ghosts of such shadows look on afraid a madhouse made for the dead
some part of you understood
and knew them well.
Come see the writhing serpent beneath the feet of the maid!
Come see Venus and her blithering child
no longer fit for spring's renewal and murder
while men drink blood like wine
and devour flesh
like bread!
Sam Silva © 2011