Kevin Saving

Rejection Villanelle

We read your work with interest.
Although it's not-quite-'Right' for us
we wish you all the very best.
As all our rivals would attest,
a much more 'trendy' style's 'A Must'.
We'd show your work more interest
but 'Marketing's none-too-impressed
-they've got the next five years 'sussed'.
They wish you all the very best.
Frankly, our editor's confessed
that (for 'unknowns') he 'can't be fussed'
to scan their work 'with interest'.
Our shareholders will not invest
'significant sums' 'out of Trust'
(yet) wish you all the very best.
For 'Stellar Talents' we've expressed
far greater urgency than just
'we read your work with interest...'
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Kevin Saving © 2009